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Welcome to PMCTrack

PMCTrack is a web-based database and monitoring system designed to evaluate the outcomes of breeding and transfer recommendations made through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (AZA) Animal Programs such as Species Survival Plans (SSPs). PMCTrack provides the necessary tools and data to understand, monitor, and improve AZA's cooperative population management system. The knowledge gained through this monitoring should ultimately improve the long-term viability of populations of animals held at AZA zoos and aquariums.

Program Final Plan Date

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra 18 Oct 2019
Helmeted Curassow 17 Oct 2019
Grosbeak Starling 17 Oct 2019
Great Argus 11 Oct 2019
Dalmatian Pelican 11 Oct 2019
Yellow-rumped Cacique 09 Oct 2019
Santa Catalina Island Rattlesnake 04 Oct 2019
San Esteban Chuckwalla 03 Oct 2019
Chimpanzee 02 Oct 2019
Desert Bighorn Sheep 02 Oct 2019

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Program Date Draft Plan Sent to IRs

Black and White Ruffed Lemur 18 Oct 2019
Masai Giraffe 17 Oct 2019
Generic Giraffe 17 Oct 2019
Spotted Dikkop 16 Oct 2019
Superb Bird-of-paradise 16 Oct 2019
Screaming Armadillo 15 Oct 2019
Blue-eyed Black Lemur 15 Oct 2019
Cotton-top Tamarin 09 Oct 2019
Malayan (Asian) Tapir 07 Oct 2019
Fiji Island Banded Iguana 02 Oct 2019

Program Date of Next Meeting

Black-necked Stilt 23 Oct 2019
Azure-winged Magpie 24 Oct 2019
Largetooth Sawfish 24 Oct 2019
Longcomb Sawfish 24 Oct 2019
Smalltooth Sawfish 24 Oct 2019
Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard 25 Oct 2019
Toco Toucan 27 Oct 2019
European White Stork 03 Nov 2019
Western (Blue) Crowned Pigeon 04 Nov 2019
Victoria-Crowned Pigeon 04 Nov 2019