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Welcome to PMCTrack

PMCTrack is a web-based database and monitoring system designed to evaluate the outcomes of breeding and transfer recommendations made through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (AZA) Animal Programs such as Species Survival Plans (SSPs). PMCTrack provides the necessary tools and data to understand, monitor, and improve AZA's cooperative population management system. The knowledge gained through this monitoring should ultimately improve the long-term viability of populations of animals held at AZA zoos and aquariums.

Program Final Plan Date

Meerkat 20 Feb 2020
Parma Wallaby 20 Feb 2020
Caracal 19 Feb 2020
Masai Giraffe 19 Feb 2020
Tawny Frogmouth 11 Feb 2020
Milky Stork 11 Feb 2020
Red-fronted Macaw 10 Feb 2020
Generic Giraffe 10 Feb 2020
Lesser Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec 07 Feb 2020
Bontebok 07 Feb 2020

To view these final plans, go to

Program Date Draft Plan Sent to IRs

Red-crested Cardinal 21 Feb 2020
Red (fulgens) Panda 21 Feb 2020
Red (refulgens) Panda 21 Feb 2020
Black Duiker 21 Feb 2020
Coquerel's Sifaka 21 Feb 2020
African White-backed Vulture 21 Feb 2020
Lappet-faced Vulture 21 Feb 2020
Callimico 12 Feb 2020
Cabot's Tragopan 12 Feb 2020
Chinese Goral 06 Feb 2020

Program Date of Next Meeting

Panamanian Golden (Marta) Frog 26 Feb 2020
Lowland Anoa 27 Feb 2020
Addax 01 Mar 2020
Wyoming Toad 02 Mar 2020
Red-billed Hornbill 05 Mar 2020
Little Blue Penguin 05 Mar 2020
Persian Onager 05 Mar 2020
Fairy Bluebird 08 Mar 2020
Beautiful Fruit Dove 13 Mar 2020
White-Throated Ground Dove 13 Mar 2020